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The Community Violence Prevention Taskforce and its three subcommittees will assist in finding solutions to reduce violence in our society and keep kids safe in schools. 

Subcommittee on Prevention

The Subcommittee on Prevention will explore:

  • Strategies to build resiliency and prevent use of violence
  • Strategies to identify individuals with potential to resort to violence
  • The evidence-based practices to intervene. 

Subcommittee on Recovery

The Subcommittee on Recovery will review best response to threats and/or actions related to violence, such as:

  • Behavioral threat assessments
  • Trainings in schools regarding pre-attack behavior and mitigating steps
  • How to secure settings prior to and post events
  • Other steps to take in recovery regarding threats or action. 

Response Subcommittee

The Response Subcommittee will:

  • Examine case studies of past violence
  • Examine best practices
  • Evaluate applying best practices to Vermont communities
  • Recommend concrete steps in our communities to stop and mitigate violence if it cannot be prevented.

Executive Order

Read Executive Order Number 03-18 – Governor’s Community Violence Prevention Task Force